Why is My A/C Blowing Hot Air?

The home air conditioning unit is designed to cool the home and keep everyone inside comfortable, no matter how high the Virginia temperatures soar. Sadly, the oftentimes overworked A/C units suffer tremendously as they provide this coolness throughout the home, causing components to wear out and other issues to make their way to the surface. One of the issues that homeowners oftentimes face with their A/C unit is a lack of cool air. Instead of blowing out cool air, the unit blows out warm air. An air conditioner that blows out warm out is a big problem for any homeowner. If your home’s A/C starts blowing out warm air, this is a problem you must address immediately. When warm air flows out of the unit, your comfort is at stake and it is clear the everyone in the home will feel the heat very quickly. Of course, this issue is just the start of many concerns of an improperly working unit.

It is important that you pick up the phone and call a professional air conditioning company Alexandria VA if your unit is blowing out warm air. Do not wait to make the call because it only adds to the damage and causes more cost to repair. Plus, you’ll be inside the home without the cool air that you want and deserve if you do not make that call. Several things can cause an air conditioner to blow out warm air. Most of the time the issue is with the condenserof the A/C unit that is causing it to blow our warm air. Although there are many problems that the condenser can endure, it is oftentimes ‘freezing’ that causes trouble. The condenser can freeze up when it is working so hard to keep the home cool and when it does, trouble starts. The cool air is forced back into the unit where it becomes trapped. The air that comes out as result is then warm.

When you call the A/C company to discuss your problem, they’ll come out to the home and inspect the unit. Whether it is a problem with the condenser or other issues that cause the warm air to blow out, the experts will find and address the culprit, so you can get back to living life once again. Your comforts are restored after the professionals come out and service the unit and you’ve also taken the right steps to keep your unit working efficiently for a long time in the future. Quickly making the call to an A/C repair pro also saves money, since you won’t need repairs as often and will not need to replace the unit any time soon.

The costs of repairsvary, and many factors influence the costs of the repair. This includes the type of problem that you’re experiencing, the time of the year, the type of A/C unit used in the home, and more. Research and compare your options and request estimates to secure the best pricing for the job.

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