What room dividers are best suited for your office?  

While the open plan office setup is great, certain positions require some bit of privacy. They may be handling sensitive information or vital matters get discussed in the office The best way to partition the office is by the use of dividers. The market is awash with various kinds of room dividers differentiated with colors, designs, and materials. What is the best choice for your office? Here are some tips on selecting the divers you will use for partitioning.

Why are partitioning the office?
You can have office dividers to block sunshine from shining on your desk, create a strong room to store data or certain equipment or just a professional room where you have one-on-one communication with the employees or clients Each of the above functions influences the choice of everything from the materials to height. Keep the purpose in mind whenever you are purchasing the dividers.

What is the best material? 
Office dividers come in a variety of materials that include glass, fiber, wood, canvas or the eco-friendly options in the marketplace. Some of the things you need to consider when picking a material are the way the dividers will be cleaned, scratch resistance, the durability of the material, and the budget at hand.

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Color and aesthetics

The attractiveness of the office divider depends on a few factors. Where are you using the office divider? What kind of business do you engage in? When it comes to color selection, think of colors that can improve the mood of the office users, and bring some harmony as well as vibrancy. Do not go colors that are too dull or too bright for the office.

As for the design of the dividers, look at designs that look good for your office. Look at the shapes that are practical with your office too. The partitioned office does not need to be rectangular. It can be round. Go for shapes and designs that complete the overall look of the office and maximize the space.

What level of privacy do you need?

Some level of privacy is required in every room that is partitioned. Depending on the items in the office, you may go stronger materials. However, for the typical professional office, you may go for translucent glass options. You are not completely covered but not clearly visible from the outside.

How tall should the dividers be

It also depends on the organization for the selection of the right height of the office dividers. For the normal cubicles, you do not need dividers that touch the ceiling. However, where there is sensitive information such as the boardroom, go for dividers that reach the ceiling.

Your room dividers should serve its purpose and still look great in the office. Use the above tips to make the right choice.

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