Upcycled Furniture – What Exactly Is It?

Upcycling furniture means convert a piece of existing furniture to a more useful product while downcycling furniture means the direct opposite. Therefore, an upcycling furniture product is highly recommended as an environmental conservation practice as it leads to less pollution of the air, water and reduced energy use. The increased delve of upcycled wooden furniture has also decreased the need for fresh timber hence conservation of forests.

Everybody would like to have a unique and beautiful interior furnishing, if you like uniqueness, then you should consider the use of upcycled furniture. The fact is that upcycled furniture will never be the same even if the design looks similar, this is because it is made from different original product and may retain stains of paint of original product. For example, you can make a book nook by upcycling a cable spool, you may not repaint it and hence will look unique with the dents and paints.

Upcycling is not limited as it all depends on the creative ability of an individual, however, below are some upcycling tips that can make your furniture look better.

  1. Prepare adequately before upcycling.

Proper preparation means having all the tools ready and having an idea of how you want your final product to look, prepare the furniture to be upcycled by removing the risky nails and wiping it out to remove cobwebs and dust.

  1. Be creative and imaginative.

Although experienced carpenter may have a range of ideas does not mean they know everything, therefore you should be thinking of something you can make once you find an old dumped furniture. Different people have different ideas.

  1. The style of upcycling should match with the era of the piece of furniture.

Different old furniture will automatically have different paints, you should relate your paint with the original paint of the upcycled furniture.

  1. Choose good quality brushes to do your painting.

Cheap brushes leave bristles on your upcycled furniture hence spoiling everything, therefore, look for good brushes that will do good coverage hence making your work to be more attractive and professional. You can use old clean socks to apply wax to your furniture.

  1. Be bold enough and have fun.

Creativity is never limited and therefore you should choose your colours as per your taste, there is a range of varieties to choose from.

  1. Proper painting of drawers.

When painting drawers always remember to remove the drawer knobs to avoid painting on them and also to enable proper coverage of the intended part.

  1. Proper finishing is equally important in upcycling furniture.

To give your upcycled furniture a longer life you should protect it with wax or varnish. Whether it is a piece of outdoor or indoor furniture, you should give your revolved furniture the respect it deserves.

When upcycling you should always know that there are no error or mistakes committed, the aspect that could be termed as mistakes are the learning lessons. Therefore, you should never fear to get started an upcycling project. Gather your materials and tools, have your idea and get started.

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