Top tips to look for work abroad

You are looking for months for a job in your city without results. After all this time and after you have tried everything you decide to look for in another city or other country hundreds of kilometers away from your home. Some of your friends may think you are crazy, but expanding the job search field, under the current circumstances in our country, is probably the right choice.

Certainly no one denies that there are no obstacles in that direction. The lack of contacts, the limited opportunities to watch networking events, the journey you have to make for the interviews and the difficulty in obtaining information about the local labor market are some of them.

So it’s important to remember that you are going to have difficulties if you are looking for a job in a new market, but it is good not to miss out that there is a way to deal with them. Just know the way.

Look for the following practical tips that are good to keep in mind if you decide to look for your professional fortune in a new market.

Identify your career and your personal goals

Explain the type of jobs you want. To help you answer questions such as: “You are interested in changing career or simply changing an employer” “Where do you want to live, including the place and type of residence” “What is the ideal time to move”, etc.

 Describe the new position

Make a description of the job you want and reflect your needs to use it as a benchmark. Such a description can include elements such as salary, benefits, responsibilities, the natural work environment, your young colleagues, the skills required, and the culture of the workplace.


 Check the crime rate, available public services, prices, living standards and all the evidence that shows the way you live in the cities you are looking for.Take time to learn about the economic and political situation of the country / city you want to go, as well as about its culture and lifestyle. Consider realistically whether you can live in this country. For example, if you are not willing to work many hours a week, you better not move to New York; in the Middle East you will be working from Saturday to Thursday and your personal life will be different from what you are used to.

In most cases you will need a professional license or some recognition of your professional qualifications. Refer to the relevant professional associations. For example, if you are a psychologist, you should contact the British Psychological Society for the case of England or the American Psychological Association for the case of America. In most countries, there are professional clubs for all kinds of employment, who can provide you with a lot of practical information about finding a job.

Check your local labor market

 Learn about professional associations associated with the job you are looking for and your goal. Try to get in touch with people to be able to network.

 Be rational

It is advisable to be realistic about what will really cost you to travel if your new employer does not offer your assistance. Surely the move is “expensive sports”.

Look for help

Tell your friends and acquaintances about your plans to relocate. Ask them if they know someone who lives and works at the place you are going to move and ask them to send an email asking if you can contact them for networking and additional information. You can also ask for cosmos values relocation service for their help.

Stay focused on your goal

You set specific goals each week in this direction. Before you know it, you will live and work wherever you want.

 Do not give up

If you are determined to find the perfect job to remember that it exists and if you remain focused on the target and try it enough you will find it.

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