Tips to Maintain Your Air conditioner yourself

How do they clean the air conditioners independently without resorting to outside help?This question arises, after a while, when an undesirable layer of dust, particles of pollution appear in it. These factors adversely affect the operation of the equipment, and your health.Air conditioners have become quite common, they perform several functions at the same time, warm both air and lower the temperature in the room. This technique requires a delicate approach, if you want to extend the life of the system and use it smoothly, then you just need to know how to do air conditioner cleaning.

10 tips on how to clean the air conditioner yourself, with your own hands

First, you need to carefully disassemble it:Pull the front panel, and gently pull it upwards; Pull the two filters one by one. After that, you can begin to wash it.

Steps to solve the problem yourself

In order to wash yourself and quickly the air conditioner, you need to perform sequential actions. The conditioner should be washed by using detergents.In order to be able to wash this product by yourself, you need to perform several steps:

  • The air conditioner is disassembled, now vacuum the remaining parts inside;
  • After the vacuum cleaner, take a damp cloth and remove the remaining dirt and dust (you can add a little detergent, but do not overdo it);
  • Drained filters can be rinsed with a detergent under a stream of running water;
  • If so they are not washed, soak them;
  • You can also clean them carefully with a brush;
  • Clean filters should be allowed to dry, and only after installed back.

Features, Tricks and 10 Tips

  1. Do not over tighten with washing and cleaning, this can lead to a subsequent repair of the air conditioner;
  2. If after you disassemble the device went a bad smell, be sure to get disinfectant (in the pharmacy);
  3. Experts advise cleaning the filters once every 3 weeks, but not later;
  4. During the disassembly, you should put a piece of cloth on the floor, usually a dust is spilled from the air conditioner;
  5. Be sure to unplug the air conditioner from the outlet;
  6. Sometimes in air conditioners one filter is installed interchangeable, and now it cannot be washed, it must be replaced with a new one;
  7. Do not use the air conditioner without a filter, this will have a detrimental effect on its operation;
  8. The inner part can be cleaned with a toothbrush, or wet wipes;
  9. For cleaning, you can try to apply a normal brush, it is convenient and will get to any angle;
  10. Dry the filter naturally; hot air will lead to its deformation.

Adhering to 10 tips of professionals, you will easily understand how to clean air conditioners.

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