The Best Paving Natural Stone Paving Available in London

Do you love a natural look added with either bold or subtle design elements probably with nice looking sandstone within a landscape? Then London Stone is the right stone paving supplier for those products. Our natural paving slabs, monoliths, copings, aggregates, steps and many other stone products will act as an inspiration to you so that together we can choose the best unique combination for you.

The stone paving stones are usually of different types of colours. That is why combining them during layout is advisable because they create a rich pictorial colour design. The colour effect of the design changes with the changing climatic seasons. When sunlight is strong, the appearance of the sandstone patio will look like having less colour variation, and when it is rainy, the colours will appear to be deep and rich.

The stone’s availability is in huge size and colour ranges. Its colours range from light to dark. The Raj Indian Sandstone is the most popular and cheapest product. It is comparative with a variety of other commercially available stone products.

The many types of sandstone paving include;

 Old Black Classic Sandstone Slabs

 Priory Sandstone Tudor Cobbles

 Raj Blend Sandstone Setts Paving Blocks.

 Oxford Sandstone Tudor Cobbles

 Cambridge Sandstone Tudor Cobbles

 Reformation Sandstone Tudor Cobbles

 Buff Classic stone Paving Slabs

 Golden Fossil Classic stone Paving Slabs

 Heather Blend Classic stone Paving Slabs

 Fossil Sandstone Setts Paving Blocks

 Sahara Classic stone Paving Slabs

 Piazza Oasis Sawn Edge stone Paving Slabs

The popularity of Indian sandstone as a paving material has been on the rise. It is commonly used as a driveway product or domestic patio. With a 100% natural strength, high quality and the stone’s enhanced looks, it is the best product that will give you purchasing confidence with a lasting product combination and a major part of many landscaping services.

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