Space, The Final Frontier  

One day humans may conquer outer space to visit planets around other stars. But that final frontier still lies on the distant horizon. The final frontier that concerns us now is the continuing evolution of space in the workplace. Drab and dreary cubicles have been left behind. Office dividers made from glass are sleek and stylish and light-years ahead of the dim office spaces of yesteryear.

Office dividers light up life!

When people think office dividers, they often picture flimsy, opaque dividers that look cheap and temporary. But that just isn’t the case any longer. Today’s office dividers take full advantage of modern technology to give you the type of space and atmosphere you desire! It all begins with light. These dividers are made of the highest-quality tempered glass. This permits light flow throughout the workspace. They can be the answer to increased staffing needs, privacy concerns, or the separation of one business area from another, at a fraction of the cost of more expensive renovations or relocation upheaval.

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An entire spectrum of possibilities

Dividers offer additional flexibility no matter what industry you’re in. In the hospitality industry, they increase the ability to adapt your rooms to groups of different sizes. In an office setting, they promote more privacy in some areas and make conference rooms out of others. They can also be very useful in educational settings for different classroom purposes. Flexible space gives you the ability to adapt your business environment to the situation. It lights up the area, focuses attention, illuminates possibilities.

Economic vision

Everything may have its price, but the price for this increased ability to adapt your organizational space to your evolving needs is surprisingly low. And even more so when compared to the alternatives available. It is no wonder that many in health, government, hospitality, education, and private industry have opted for the flexibility, economy, and increased productivity of light in their work areas!

Style with energy

Everything energetic begins with light. The technology available today has revolutionized office design. Not only do dividers offer style, flexibility, and economy, they bring energy to the workplace. When you make your choices at Space Plus, you’re utilizing the same energy that comes from the sun. Let’s face it: Light makes things happen.

Clarity and focus of attention

Our specialists offer the utmost in personalized design attention. Your space is a valuable asset that we can help you optimize. From beginning idea through installation, your Space Plus specialist will work to see your project goes as desired and that results are nothing short of spectacular. Contact a specialist at Space Plus today to begin making your space everything it can possibly be!

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