Sliding Door Hardware For Your Needs

Sliding doors hardware has been in use for quite some time, and it is ideal for numerous building styles such as traditional building, timber frame and rustic construction, commercial structures, hospitals, residential and modern spaces. With a flat track barn door hardware, you will find a range of products that fit your taste and meet your demand.

Let’s embark on a fact-finding mission to establish why flat track barn door hardware is the best solution for architects and designers in creating remarkable door hardware.

1: Leading Door Hardware

Since the nineteenth century, these components have been at the forefront when it comes to creativity and innovation regarding long time solution to door designs. The combination can boast of top quality, durability, safety, and ease of use to its products. It has also spread its services to reach far and wide at least to meet the ever-growing demand for its products. Almost every country needs the products hence the ability to meet the needs of international customers.

2: Top Quality Door Sliding Hardware

The design for the doors aims at maximizing space and making them suitable for both exterior and interior use. The list includes:

  • Sliding door accessories for home-use, architectural and historical applications
  • Stall doors and hardware designed for use in the zoos and animal hospitals
  • Guillotine door hardware suitable for dog kennel doors
  • Cremone bolts commonly applicable to French doors and windows

3: Finishes

The door hardware comes in a variety of finishes. Some of the most popular finishes are powder coat, galvanized and stainless steel from a selection of products. The choice of the finish for the sliding doors hardware track and trucks or accessory is determined by the product’s use, whether interior or exterior. Available finishes come in many colors; black, aluminum, oil-rubbed bronze, cranberry red, pebble tan, blue storm, pure white, and clear coat.

4: Applications

The hardware finds its use in many places, namely, room partitions sliding doors, carriage house sliding doors, bathroom sliding doors, closet sliding doors and many more.

5: Flat track kits

  • Hardware for sliding doors: each one accommodates 3-4-5 and 6-foot openings and may include the appropriate length of the track, a pair of hangers, spacers, end tops, and fasteners. Customers can choose from many available finishes for door sliding hardware.
  • Design Flat Track Barn Door Systems: it has a contemporary appearance and provides the solution regarding safety.
  • Specialty Door Hardware for a Range of Needs: ideal for heavy duty commercial door usage and come in eight different series of sliding box door track systems, depending on the capacity.

Therefore, you don’t have to look farther for a solution regarding interior and exterior designs for your premises. The answer to your burning questions concerning sliding door hardware has been answered.

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