Reason Why Should You Choose A Bidet Toilet Combo

There was once a woman who visited her friend’s house. While chatting with her friend, she felt that there was a need for her to go to the washroom. When she was already inside, she saw another installation beside the toilet, tested the levers and saw the water shot up! It was her first time to see that installation, and she asked her friend, “What is the toilet that shoots water up called? It’s pretty amazing!” And her friend said, “It’s a bidet. It’s used to wash up your genital or anal area after peeing or defecating in the toilet. Isn’t it more hygienic when we don’t just wipe up?”

Most probably not all people have seen or tried to use a bidet. However, most of the washrooms in Europe, Middle East, South America, and South East Asia already offer bidet features. It’s an investment worth providing for the environment and health. Bidet toilets were proven to save water consumption and lower the risk of urinary tract infection, a vaginal infection like bacterial vaginosis, and anal disease like hemorrhoids.

For a household with a small washroom space and for those individuals who are on a low budget, they may find installing a separate bidet toilet a concern and not a priority. But most bidet toilet seat store hubs offer an add on bidet toilet seat on the existing toilet that is cost efficient to solve the problem.

Instead of getting a stand-alone bidet that eats up the budget allotted for other things and additional space in the washroom, installing a combo toilet and bidet has a lot of advantages.

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Style and Functionality

For one, it promotes the integration of style and functionality. When a bidet toilet seat is mounted on top of an existing toilet, it makes the bathroom more versatile and convenient to use. You may still use the current water supply that is already installed with the existing toilet seat. It doesn’t require a significant washroom renovation and additional plumbing and drainage line installation that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars because everything is placed in an existing toilet seat that has a current drainage line already. Indeed, enjoying the benefits of a bidet and toilet in one is a worthwhile experience.

There is always a bidet toilet seat store that offers an add-on bidet toilet seat or a combo toilet seat and bidet. Aside from providing the best selections and teaching the clients how to use any of those, the company has to offer additional services like free installation and more extended warranty period.

Features to Look For

In choosing the best add-on bidet toilet seat or combo toilet and bidet, always consider the amount of water that it puts out for efficient cleaning. Also take note of the spray position and water range that extends the cleaning area, adjustable water temperature, and pressure to avoid spillage and scalding accidents. It is likewise prudent to check on the additional features that are advantageous for usage during night time and cold seasons.  An example of such added feature is the night light or a heated toilet seat. Always choose wisely according to your needs and lifestyle.

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