Pallet Storage Units

The pallet storage units can bring many advantages for the storage of products in warehouses or warehouses, with several alternatives to organize more efficiently and increase the security of stored products. The installation of the pallet storage unit is one of the simplest and cheapest, providing faster access to items and providing more optimized separations, with greater storage capacity.

The loading capacity in the pallet storage units can increase the storage area of ​​any warehouse area by up to 40% by storing any type of material with a possibility of up to 4,000 kg / f per pallet or per storage plan.

The structure of the pallet storage unit is assembled to vertically optimize the storage of the most diverse products, being sized according to the carrying capacity that they must support. The shelves can receive pallets, providing a support structure needed to stacking products at heights greater than if the pallets were stacked one on top of the other.

Advantages of pallet storage system

Among the advantages of the pallet storage system, it is worth highlighting the following:


The shelves and the plans eliminate the crushing forces on the products, protecting it and maintaining its original characteristics.


Each pallet is stocked in unique locations, and the pallet storage system may be suitable for any type of storage. Companies that receive or ship products in palletized loads can use the model to achieve greater agility and safety to the units during the loading and transportation of products.

The pallets are placed in the structure of the pallet storage system with the use of forklifts or stacker cranes, being able to support from small volumes to loads with more than 2.5 tons.

Accessories in pallet storage system

In the pallet storage unit several types of accessories can be applied. Among them, we can pay attention to the following:

  • Transversals, which allow the pallets to be stored with the support in a different direction than the front;
  • Plan H, which allows them to be stored at different depths;
  • Door skids, unit used to enable the storage of special pallets or buckets.

The pallet storage unit can also offer differentiated solutions, with tunnels for the circulation of forklifts or layouts that feature warehouse columns, making it easier to handle operations. Also among the accessories, it is possible to install in the pallet storage unit some to increase the safety of the equipment, protectors for columns against possible shocks with forklifts, guard rails, skis to support the pallets and central girders, among others, that increase safety pallets in the various planes.

For a company that installs the pallet storage unit, it is possible to have faster access to any pallet stored in any movement, without the need to move other loads. The unit also works in tight positions, making it easier to apply computerized units for stock control. The cost of the pallet storage unit is also lower than other units, maintaining a resale value commensurate with the cost of the need to exchange any part or accessory.

In addition, the unit has a low maintenance cost, since its metallic structure is resistant and light, making the assembly more versatile, which can have its configuration changed quite easily and, with all this, still presenting a long useful life.

The necessary care for the storage units Aurora regard to the height of the warehouse and the utilization of the vertical space. At heights greater than nine meters, it is necessary to use specific equipment, with limitations of loads to avoid accidents and maintain the degree of security in the warehouse. If this care is taken, accidents with forklifts are avoided, mainly due to the type of material applied to the structures.

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