Moving To Switzerland – A Checklist of Things You Need To Do

Most people relocate to Switzerland for different reasons. Whether you are planning to move for a new job, a better quality of life or just to enjoy the outdoor Swiss lifestyle, planning a move to his beautiful country requires a checklist. This will help with arranging immigration, education, accommodation, insurance, utilities, and childcare if need be.

The moving checklist

Preparing for immigration and registration

You are allowed to visit Switzerland as a tourist. This grants you a 90 days stay without the need for registration. You cannot work during this period. To be able to live and work in Switzerland, you require to register with the immigration authorities. This will enable you to qualify for a work permit or a residential permit, or both.

Additionally, new residents are required to register with their new town commune (town hall) not more than 8 days after moving to Switzerland and before your first working day.

  • Non-EU/EFTA residents using a single entry residence/work visa are required to enter Switzerland before their visa expires.
  • Non-EU/EFTA residents are also required to place a multiple entry request in case they require to travel internationally before they are issued with their final permit.

Bringing your household goods

Moving is a stressful activity, especially when you are moving to another country. One of the ways to make the move more enjoyable is by sorting through your belongings. You need to decide on what you will bring to Switzerland and what you will leave behind.

Numerous moving companies will happily move your belongings to Switzerland for you. The best moving companies to Switzerland can be gotten from the international association of moving companies or FIDI.

The move household goods you need to move, the higher your shipping cost will be.


Anyone living in Switzerland is required by law to have a Swiss health insurance policy. The basic health cover will take care of any expenses associated with the basic medical costs in case of illness. There are additional options if you require additional insurance cover.

You will be required to show proof of medical insurance cover to the authorities within the first three months of your relocation. You will also need personal insurance when you’re renting accommodation.

Finding accommodation

One choice you need to make before you move to Switzerland is whether you require temporary or permanent accommodation.

There are several options for accommodation. They include:

  • Hotel stays– can be inconvenient for families and with pets.
  • Furnished hotel apartments – these are cheaper than hotels and comprise of studios and 1 bedroom apartments.
  • Furnished apartments on lease– they are affordable and have flexible regulations. You can lease an apartment for any period between 1 to 6 months. You are required to give a move notice 1 to 3 months before your move.
  • Permanent housing– the process of acquiring a permanent home is complicated and, pricey and can take a long time. You need to have knowledge of the Swiss rental market and work with real estate agents.

If you need help, you can consult with Cosmos Values real estate experts who will make the process of finding accommodation easier.

Getting a Swiss bank account

One thing Switzerland is known for is its perfect banking system. Non-Swiss citizens can open Swiss accounts. However, you need to be registered as a Swiss resident. The rates, process, products and services offered vary from one bank to another. Take your time to choose the bank that suits your financial needs.

Most banks operate in their national languages, which are French, German and Italian. There are a few banks that offer online advisory and banking services in English. Therefore, ensure you consider the language factor before you open a bank account.

The Swiss anti-money laundering law requires one to declare their source of income and to undergo identity confirmation.

 Getting connected – telephone, TV, and internet

There are several service providers for TV, internet and telephone in Switzerland. They vary in terms of speeds, channels, products, and cost. You can get all three services from one provider. This makes it convenient when paying your bills and is also cost-effective.


While it may seem easy to do all the above things by yourself, it is much easier and convenient if you seek the services of a relocation specialist such as Cosmos Values. They have extensive knowledge of the relocation requirements for Switzerland. They ensure that your relocation process is legal and smooth.

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