Maintaining Your Kitchen Countertops

Everything needs maintenance; cars, personal computers, houses, and your kitchen countertops! Considering the whole lot of things placed on them; heat, water, juice, chocolates, strawberry, and even knife cuts, it is essential you maintain your kitchen countertops.

Maintenance is necessary to retain the spark and make them last longer; you wouldn’t want to be changing countertops now and then. Even if you’re going to, you’d love them neat and shiny.

Kitchen Countertops are made of materials such as granite, quartz, marble, etc. hence, maintenance practices may range from simple to complex, depending on the type of material. For example, the kind of polishing required for quartz may be different from that of marble. It is necessary to read the instructions that come with each material to know how best to go about its maintenance.

Meanwhile, these practices below will help maintain your kitchen countertops.


Everyday cleaning is necessary to maintain your kitchen countertops. A lot of activities are carried out in the kitchen, like baking, frying, cooking, etc. It’s normal for anything to splash on the countertops and create temporary stains.

There’s no need to panic, though; you only have to wipe them off with water, soap, and a clean rag. Remember to clean as often as the surfaces get dirty and try not to allow the stains to stay for so long.

Stain Removal

There are adamant stains that won’t go off with gentle cleaning. This happens when you allow stains to sit on the Countertops for a long time without cleaning, making them stick to the materials. There’s still no cause for alarm yet as there are DIY stain removing agents you can put together, such as lime and baking soda, or otherwise stated in the instructions for adamant stains.

Make sure not to brush with abrasive sponges or scrape with a knife or other sharp objects as they may peel off the countertops.


Polishing is one extra touch that gives your kitchen Countertops a glossy appearance. Just in case you want to showcase your beautiful kitchen, even though the countertops are a bit old, all you need to do is clean and polish!


Once in a while, you may cut into the countertops. If you don’t seal up the cuts as soon as possible, they may attract moulds and bacteria, which is not suitable for your kitchen. You can get some products from the store for filling the cuts, but don’t forget to read the instructions.

However, some cuts may be too deep for you to fill up and will require the help of an expert. But there’s still no cause for alarm because you can get all the help you need from Granite Selection.

If you care about your kitchen countertops, then you should put on your cleaning gloves!

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