How to find a property bargain in Spain

For the most part, investor confidence has returned to Spain and many believe the property market is set to grow faster than ever before. In 2006 the property market in Spain peaked, but this soon changed and many homeowners found themselves in a tough spot. Since then the market has struggled to regain confidence. The result has been that foreigners could pick up beautiful houses in Spain for relatively cheap.

When looking to buy a cheap property in Spain, there are several key things to look out for to ensure that you are getting the best possible deal. Take a look at the following tips to help you on your property search in Spain.


Take a look at the local classifieds in Spain, you are sure to find a number of great deals which are perfectly suited to all your needs. In addition, many homeowners who want to sell their properties in Spain would first try to sell their houses privately, before enlisting the services of a real estate company.

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Keep an eye out for local property auctions. Many times local Spanish banks will opt to auction a property in hopes of recovering some of the lost finances. Attending auctions are a great way for you to also get in touch with some of the locals who are also hoping to snap up a bargain.

Bank repossession lists

Try to get in touch with one or more local banks and ask if they can supply you with a list of repossessed houses. This way you can be sure that the house you are buying is legitimate and also rather cheap.

Check out these three areas where you are sure to be able to find bargain properties.

Costa Blanca

Traditionally one of the best places in Spain to take a holiday, but have you ever considered buying your own home here? Costa Blanca is widely popular because of its cheap houses which include modern contemporary styled homes. Apartments in Costa Blanca typically start from just €55,000! You are sure to find the best bargains along the extremities of Costa Blanca. Check out these cheap villas for sale in Javea.


This is the area where the Spanish coastline turns. The weather in this area is much warmer and the property is much cheaper. The area also features a number of attractive fishing villages, perfect for quiet living. Other areas feature world-class golf courses and other fun activities. Apartments in the Murcia region typically start from €60,000. Take a look at the property available in Sucina, the area is home to a number of beautiful family homes.


This area is far less developed than many others in Spain, but you are sure to not miss out on any of that local flare. Almeria features some of the most pristine coastlines in Spain coupled with Moorish style towns and villages. And to boot, the area is the sunniest in Europe. Family homes in this region start from just €130,000. Just be careful when buying property in the rural areas of this region. There have been a number of issues in the past where properties were built without the relevant permissions.

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