How to create your best medical fundraiser

Crowdfunding is one of the fastest growing industries in India and is touching thousands of lives every year in purely positive ways. Individuals and organizations alike have used crowdfunding India to not just make social change at the grassroots, but also to save countless lives from the jaws of death. In fact, donations based medical crowdfunding is the commonest kind of online fundraising done in India, with leading crowdfunding platform players like Impact Guru committed to this specialized form of helping people through crowdfunding solutions.

The success of so many medical crowdfunding campaigns teaches us a few things about how to do medical crowdfunding right. It is not difficult to incorporate these learnings into your campaign if you have to launch your own medical fundraiser, for yourself, or for a loved one.

  • Power-packed story: Your story needs to address all questions a potential donor might have about your patient and their condition. Add in detail. Consider also writing a line or two about the disease the patient is suffering from if it is very unusual, because most people will not know about it.
  • A word about photos: While it may sound obvious, many people tend to forget in their state of worry and stress. Before and after photos of the patient help a donor understand just how much an illness has affected the person they are about to make a donation for. Also, photos taken in the hospital ward or the sick room or the ICU help donors make this connect, and realize how important their donation is.
  • Video: Not many medical crowdfunding campaigns come with added video support, simply because most campaigners are too busy and stressed to create video content for their fundraisers. But a quick clip of the patient asking for help with funds, however roughly made, can make a real difference to how well the campaign can perform.
  • Documentation: Images of medical paperwork confirming the patient’s condition, test report copies and even letters from doctors can help build credibility for a medical patient’s cause and encourage the donor to give to the fundraiser.

Done right, medical crowdfunding can bring in donations to a campaign from far and wide and help pay for life saving treatments for people who could otherwise have not been able to afford them. Stick to these few simple tips and crowdfunding success will be all yours. Happy crowdfunding!

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