Housing Trends in Irving, TX

So, you’re interested in housing trends in Irving? You’ve came to the right place. Here we are going to show you some housing trends in Irving and what you need to know about this beautiful city in Texas. Irving is an economic powerhouse of Texas, with a population of around 250 thousand residents. It houses 50 Fortune 500 companies and it is a home to six world headquarters of Fortune 500 companies. That’s a staggering result, considering that Irving only has quarter million people living in it. So, let’s find out what is Irving all about, and what are the housing trends there.

First of all, don’t move on your own

Don’t move on your own, it is not less expensive

People sometimes think that moving on your own can be less costly than moving with help from a moving company. That may be true if you’re moving few blocks away. But if you’re moving further, especially if you’re moving to Texas from another state, hire a moving company like Small World Moving TX. They’ll certainly do everything that is in their hands to move your stuff for you.

Something about Irving in general

In this part of article we are going to explore some properties of Irving in general. Of course, that many of those properties are very important to housing trends in Irving. Things like location and industry are most important factors in determining the prices of homes.

Some history

Irving was founded in 1903 by surveyors J.O. Schultz and Otis Brown. It was founded for a reason. It is a link between Dallas and Fort Worth. The city of Irving was officially recognized as such in 1914, with Otis Brown as its first Mayor.

Location of Irving 

People choose Irving for convenience. Its location makes it one of the best places to move in Dallas County. Transportation between Dallas and Forth Worth area is very easy, and people have no trouble commuting between them. That means that many people who work in Irving are actually located in Dallas or in Forth Worth area and vice versa, many people who live in Irving work in one of those places. So, if you worry about the transportation in Irving, know that it has access to six major highways. It also has access to International Airport through rail services between. Having an International Airport that close to Irving means that traveling to North American cities is no more than three hours away. Irving includes Las Colinas community, one of the first master-planned developments in the United States.


Irving is a well connected place, with six major highways passing through it. That’s the reason why 97 percent of Irving residents commute by car, and only 2 percent by public transport. Unfortunately, no one there seems to walk or take a bike with them. Make sure you take your car with you should your relocation include Irving area. Or even better, take a bike, help Irving’s numbers.

Take a ride with a bike to help Irving’s numbers

Industry of Irving

Irving’s largest private employer is the hospitality industry. Local hoteliers employ around 150 hundred workers. This very important industry branch pays more than fifty million in taxes. The city welcomes more than three million visitors each year, giving Irving more than a billion a year in visitor spending. So, if you want to know where the money in Irving is – its location is in hospitality industry. Its location and accessibility made Irving very open to travelers. Irving is a first stop between Dallas and Fort Worth area. It is connected to major highways, making it very good spot for hospitality industry. So, if you’re looking for employment in Irving, you can most certainly find it in this industry.

As mentioned, Irving is a home to six world headquarters Fortune 500 companies, meaning that it has a strong economy. Some of the companies that are located in Irving are ExxonMobil, Kimberly-Clark and Fluor Corporation, making Irving a powerhouse of North Texas, or even Texas in general.

Housing trends in Irving

So, why do you want to move to Irving and not somewhere else in the world? Everyone has their own reasons, but some of the main ones are: stable economy, location and education. Irving has a very stable and growing economy, making it one of the most attractive places to move in Texas. Its economy is steadily growing, especially the hospitality branch. Its location is great, since it is nested between Dallas and Fort Worth. Creators of the city found it for that reason! Irving also houses the University of Dallas and North Lake College. So students rent apartments there when they go to college, which also brings Irving a good amount of income.


Average monthly rent in Irving is $1,250 per month. This is around the national average. Considering that Irving is an economic powerhouse of North Texas, this is very affordable. In 2018 there were some fluctuations in prices in Texas, and of course, Irving also felt it. But now, in 2019, situation is quite stable, and rents remain stable at the current average price. Rent jumped a little bit from the 2017 prices, but not by much. Apartments are still quite affordable. Percentage of renters is around 62 percent compared to owners who make the rest of the home ownership rate (around 38 percent).

Home values

Considering the location of Irving, home values are in the sync with Irving as a whole. Median home value in Irving is just shy of 200 thousand dollars. Median home value is higher than that of the US and Texas. But that is understandable, since Irving has such a great location between Dallas and Fort Worth. And the fact that Irving is home to some of the wealthiest companies in the world, just adds to their value. Irving has good connection to road network, having access to six major highways. It is a city that has been built for business.

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