Home Security Upgrade That Can Increase The Market Value Of Your House

In this time and age, home security has become an urgent matter that every homeowner should not take for granted. In the US alone, there are burglary occurrences every 13 seconds, and most of them are home break-ins. A burglary happens between six in the evening and six in the early morning where most people are still fast asleep.

And the scary part is that homes with fewer to none home security features are the most targeted by burglars. This type of crime only last from eight to ten minutes, but the average cost that a house can lose can be as high as 2000 dollars.

It is the very reason why homeowners should invest in upgrading their home security. However, many find that this type of upgrade can be very costly, but thanks to  FHA Loans Plano, they are offering home improvement funds via home equity loan or HELOC. With this, you won’t be having problems funding your home security upgrade. Just make sure though that you have an excellent credit score and a good source of income before applying to FHA Loans Plano.

In this article, we have listed some of the essential home security upgrades that one should install in their home. These upgrade does not only improve your home security but also increases the market value of your home as well.

Hi-tech Door Locks

A regular door locks can be breached using lock-picks. Most burglars, nowadays, are knowledgeable about different types of door locks and how to break them so to eliminate these, try to install Encode Smart Wifi Deadbolt. It comes with a hi-tech built-in keypad that makes lock-picks unusable. It has an auto-lock feature which makes it useful for people who always forget to lock their doors before going to bed. It also comes with a variety of shiny metallic finishes that makes your doors look fancy.

Hi-tech Window Locks

Now that you have an upgrade idea for your doors, the next thing you should be upgrading is your window security. In case a burglar finds it difficult to break into your house doors, they will try to break into your home windows. We recommend installing Defender Security Sliding Window Lock. It is a type of window lock where it works like a clamp. It gives your window strength to withstand maximum friction so your window won’t budge even when applied with force.

Hi-tech Intruders Alarm

To further enhance your home’s security feature, installing an intruder alarm will keep your house burglar-proof. It gives you real protection, especially during the night. It can easily detect movements from the unwanted guest, which in turn signals the device to activate the alarm. It will frighten any intruders and make them go away immediately.

Installing home security is essential since it will not only protect your house but it also protects you and your family as well. You can also consider installing CCTV’s for added security.

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