Get your ducts cleaned by experts

The HVAC system for a commercial place has become a necessity if you want customers to stay there. But HVAC needs proper maintenance for proper working of it. The system at your place probably runs throughout the year maintaining suitable environment inside. It is good and wise to have regular maintenance service of it. But sometimes even after service of the system there comes foul smell or some noise out of it, in such case you must contact JC Pauli at Spotless Ducts for cleaning and maintenance of ducts. It doesn’t even matter what type of duct are installed at your place they are expert in all. You can hire them for the following material of duct:

Galvanized steel duct: This is the most common material used for ducts. The zinc coated ducts are most probably used at your place also as it prevents rusting and cost of painting. It can be double walled also or you have got the fiberglass insulation done on it. No matter how good it is but if not cleaned for a long time it can create problem. You must hire regular cleaning service to avoid any kind of problem.

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Aluminum duct: This is another most commonly used material for duct. It is cheaper and lighter that can be installed quickly. This material can be bent easily according to your needs. These are mostly glued but the expert cleaner knows how to clean it perfectly by removing it in parts and then gluing them again for better cleaning. You can trust their working.

Why get fiberglass insulation?

You can get fiberglass insulation over the duct to prevent it from heat and uninterrupted flow of air through it. It also is a good absorber of sound which gives quiet working of the HVAC system. You can use it for both aluminum and for steel duct.

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