Get to Know Wasps and Bees

Pest control Reading firms see a lot of petrified clients who are sure that they are at the mercy of flying predators. Bee and wasp removal Berkshire experts can’t emphasise the value of knowledge enough.

Know who you’re dealing with. If you do have need of bee, hornet or wasp removal services these are easy to find and deliver peace of mind.

Friends of the Earth have calculated that it would cost British farmers approximately £1.8 billion per year to pollinate crops if bees didn’t exist.

They account for a lot more in the natural food industry than honey.

Bees indicate the strength or weakness of the natural environment. If bees are lacking, we’re in trouble.

Many varieties of bees are struggling to survive because we’re prone to annihilate them.

Their role in this time of climate change is vital to keep air and water clean. If we kill them we’re hurting humans too.

Wasps can sting more than once. When they sting the stingers are not pulled out of their bodies. That’s the sad fate of bees.

Wasps are as helpful as bees to the environment. They are hunters who eat insects that harm plants ensuring that crops, shoots and flowers can mature.

This is why wasp removal experts like Pest Control Berkshire don’t kill them to control them. They relocate nests to suitable locations in the majority of cases.

Wasps don’t swarm like bees do. When a queen bee leaves a colony she can take up to 60% of the population with her to a new home.

A wasp swarm is normally a cluster over a food source which others have learned about.

A queen starts her new colony each spring. Many wasps die in autumn but the queen wasps and some workers hibernate until the warmer temperatures arrive.

One colony can host an immense population of 50000 by the end of the summer.

  • Worker wasps have a lifespan of 12-22 days, these are sterile females.
  • Drone wasps have a marginally longer lifespan, these are the fertile males.
  • Queens have a lifespan of up to 12 months. They are the fertile females.
  • When a drone mates with their queen they die soon afterwards.

Wasps would win awards for their architectural skills. They chew wood and make nests of paper in complex hexagonal shapes. They like dim and dense areas like forests, woodland, cavity walls and chimneys.

The hornet is the largest wasp in the UK. The queens frequently measure over an inch from tip to tip.  Their buzz is louder than the usual wasp’s.

Hornets are brown, orange and yellow whilst wasps are black and yellow.

A hornet’s sting is very painful but thankfully they don’t sting often. They’re more peace loving than we give them credit for. Unless you provoke a hornet they shouldn’t give you any trouble.

Hopefully you won’t see them as enemies from now on.

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