Do You Need to Upgrade Your Plumbing Risers?

Plumbing risers are the system of pipes that run vertically. The application is significant to the full height of a building.

The supply line is usually made of plastic or metal that connects a faucet or shower fixture to the stop valve of water supply. Most buildings have copper plumbing risers. But some risers are also made of metal flex which can be bent. The choice of materials will depend on your building characteristic and necessity.

The term plumbing risers are also prevalent in the plumbing that indicates the supply line that rises from one story to the next story. The structure of the plumbing risers can be often seen in the multiple stories buildings because they need plumbing that can facilitate the multiple stories. So, in a high-rise building or multiple stories, you will naturally see the supply line that has the sections of risers.

Whether you are maintaining your own property or being a building manager, it is important to handle the capital repairs so that the occupants can live conveniently in the property. Chances are you have the building rises on your property. It is important to make a thorough check if you left it unchecked for years. Your plumbing risers can carry the water to each story in your building. When the risers were installed, you could expect the lifespan from 4 to 7 decades. However, keep in mind that the heavy use can reduce the lifespan of the risers.

So, it does not go south when you have the risers checked on routine basis. This gives you benefit to reduce the expenses when repairing, or replacing the risers.

So, how do you handle this? Easy. You could ask someone who is expert in this niche. But before hiring anyone, you could read some signs that indicate that your risers need to be checked. A common symptom is the lower water pressure. You can see the significant difference when you check it on the upper story of your building. Not to mention that the other symptom is the discoloration of the water when the occupants turn their water taps on.

As the owner or manager of your property, it will become your responsibility to make the right decision. You will need to know whether you are going to replace or restore the plumbing risers.

Keep in mind that you might need to spend more budgets to replacing the pipes since it involves the walls and floors breaking. In some cases, the ceilings might be compromised as well.

Meanwhile, plumbing risers restoration is less pricey than the replacement. It is also a less disruptive way to repair the risers. The contractors will insert the liner into the existing pipe. These will prevent the corrosion and make your risers work optimally again.

Both of the methods above starts with an inspection from the professionals. The experts will decide whether your plumbing risers need to be replaced or restored. Make sure that you work with the trustworthy company to handle this matter for you.

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