Disadvantages of using concrete stops

Concrete bumpers

Concrete is a solid and resistant construction element that requires the liquid form to work on it to adapt to almost any shape. It is composed mainly of water, cement, and other additives, to which a fourth ingredient called an additive is added later.

There are several industrial use materials for the manufacture of stops, but concrete is often used. Which has several disadvantages concerning use and time, the opposite issue with parking stops made of recycled rubber or rubber.

It is widespread to see parking stops made of concrete or cement in public parking lots or parking parks in shopping centers, which have the disadvantage of the usability of the land, that is if they are exposed to the elements, it is straightforward than with water of rain and extreme heat they suffer deterioration. In the case of buffers in underground parking lots, the humidity in them softens the material over time and, in turn, wears it out.

Thus, the spaces that are occupied or parking spaces are often not respected by reckless motorists who pass over them, which causes the buffers’ wear as the car passes.

Also, another form of misuse is when the stop is not placed at a standard height and motorists, when moving it collide or rub with them causing damage over time, contrary to the parking stops made of recycled rubber or rubber which already are made to standard measures to avoid these types of problems, apart from the fact that the material is very flexible and resistant.

It is also detrimental to have the debris or debris from these bumpers when they are damaged as they leave the floor with debris and make the surface easy for kids.

And the last factor is that the preventive paint (yellow color or marking stripes) is not very durable on this surface, and it wears quickly, otherwise with the parking stops made of recycled rubber or rubber, which already have that paint and is very adhesive on the material which prevents its wear.

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