Designing Your Room: Key Factors

Here are the key factors you should consider when designing your room.

  1. The Main Element of The Bedroom That Guarantees Your Rest: The Mattress

The important thing here is to treat all the factors as a whole. Still, even so, we can say that the mattress is the primary and priority element since no matter how carefully you have all the decoration of your bedroom, if your mattress is wrong or it is not adequate for you, you won’t sleep well.

How to choose the mattress?

How to choose your mattress is a crucial question; whenever; whenever I am asked, I say the same: ask for help from a specialist, do your research and find your mattress. A mattress’s choice will depend on criteria such as your complexion, your sleeping posture, and your possible ailments. Close to your bed you can also add coir mats.

  1. The Temperature in Your Room Could Prevent You from Sleeping Completely Well

Ventilate the room. However, keep an eye on the temperature as it also affects our pineal gland. Try to keep the bedroom temperature between 15 and 18 degrees. It is said that a calm environment promotes blood circulation to the brain. This will depend on where you live, and bodies get used to it, but still, try to monitor the temperature and ventilate as much as possible. If you see that insulation is lacking and your temperature is out of control, perhaps it is time to think about an improvement reform to fix it and maybe change the windows if they were a bad thermal bridge.

  1. Avoid Noise in The Bedroom to Sleep Better

Again, we can’t always control it. For example, when you live in an attic (seventh floor), anyone might think that at this point you can’t hear the cars on the street and, no, you can hear cars, motorcycles, and even people who speak loudly. The noises go up. The windows are not strong at all, and the glass is simple so that the heat enters or leaves and the noise.

Again, if this is your case, I invite you to check the windows and perhaps invest in your dream by changing them. If the walls are made of “paper” and you hear the neighbors or the TV in the living room, then perhaps you should look at how to isolate your shelter, your corner, your bedroom acoustically.

The fabrics will also help you improve the bedroom’s acoustics: curtains, headboards, tapestries, rugs will make the sound of the relaxing music that you put on before sleeping better heard.



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