Casement Windows May Well Be the Way to Go for Your Window Needs

Choosing windows for your home, whether you are building new from the ground up or simply upgrading and replacing windows in your home, there are several options to consider. One of the main types of windows that a homeowner wants to consider when replacing windows in their home are casement windows. Simply put, a casement window is a window that has hinges that attach the window to its frame. These windows open outward and are either used singly or as a pair. Casement windows have a long history of use and are still a great option today. There are a few more things you might want to know about casement windows including, the difference between a casement window and a couple similar styles of window and the reasons why casement windows are a great choice for your home. There is also more great information about casement windows on this article as well as this one.

Casement windows can easily be confused with sliding windows and awning windows but there are a few key differences. When comparing casement windows with sliding windows, beyond the way that the windows open, the main differences lie in the type of window space that is usually used for each type. Casement windows are particularly ideal for narrow window openings that are tall as where sliding windows tend to be ideal for window openings that are wider across than they are tall. Regarding casement windows versus awning windows, the major difference is that the hinge sits at the top on an awning window while with casement windows the hinges are at the sides of the window. Other than this, there is often a great deal of similarity, particularly in the mechanism of opening.

Regarding the reasons for choosing casement windows when you are looking to replace existing windows or are shopping for the perfect windows for your new home, the first great thing about casement windows is the fact that they don’t cost a lot regarding their upkeep. They are very easy to keep clean and it is easy to keep the hinges and opening mechanism in good working order. The second great reason that casement windows are ideal for your home is that they are highly energy efficient. Casement windows are even more energy efficient than the other two similar types of windows previously mentioned, awning and sliding. This is as good a selling point as any for why casing windows are ideal for your home. Casement windows are also rated excellently as far as security is concerned. Casement locks are noted for their security and the smaller openings created by casement windows create another layer of protection to your home in terms of security. These are all great reasons to install casement windows Cincinnati OH.

There are a lot of options out there are far as window possibilities. As you can see, casement windows are one of those great options. Particularly when used in areas they are ideally suited for, casement windows are an amazing choice due to their ease of maintenance, security and energy efficient nature.

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