Buying Property In Spain Online: Guidance For UK Residents And Citizens

Spain is one of the most attractive countries in Europe something that has led to the migration of many people from the UK to buy property in the country. In fact, research from multiple reliable sources indicate that over half a million UK citizens have migrated to Spain in the last three decades. However there are a number of steps you should follow when buying a house or felt for sale, with Spain being very different from other European countries in many aspects that are discussed in this article.

The first step is asking yourself why you have elected to buy property online in Spain and not anywhere else on the planet. The main reason is the relaxed atmosphere in the country along with the great weather. Therefore in Spain you are always assured of a relaxed life and privacy as most Spaniards are known to always mind their own business.

Choose the right region to buy your property. Different regions offer different kinds of property. Some are best for small apartments, others for large bungalows, others for beaches and others forproperty you are interested in. For instance, The Spanish Islands and the Costas are ideal for people purchasing beach houses.

Go for legal advice. Get the services of a lawyer who is specialized in land laws in Spanish (urbanismo). The Spanish property purchasing system is very different from that of the UK and you should thereby ensure that everyone involved in the transactions is a professional. Always achieve to hire professionals who have a good mastery of both English and Spanish languages. If not, you will need to hire a reliable translator, unless you speak Spanish too a very high standard.

Before you complete the process of buying property in Spain, ensure the following:-

You have seen the nota simple, that is, the land registry-extract. From the nota simple, clarify the following:

That there are no charges such as mortgages on the property. Any unpaid taxes which should have been paid by a previous owner will be yours on purchasing – so make sire there is nothing outstanding. Your lawyer will do this for you.

There are no legal proceedings against the property for whatever reason.

Spain, though one of the best place for UK residents to purchase property, requires a lot of caution. Do not rush and ensure you follow all the above discussed steps.

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