Building A Shed Base for Your Shed

Getting a storage building is so exciting! They are amazing for storage, gardening, and many other purposes. Before receiving your storage shed, it’s important to build a base for it first. A well-built shed ensures your shed sits level, keeping its foundation firm and straight. It reduces the likelihood that your shed shifts and settles over time, which could lead to the doors not opening or closing properly. A properly laid shed base also helps keep the bottom of the shed dry from morning dew, and bad weather conditions which helps prevent rot and decay. There are several shed bases that are all great options, and they all depend on where you live and where your shed will be installed.

Building a shed base out of concrete blocks is a great option for smaller sized storage sheds on nearly level terrain. It is a great option for lighter sheds as heavier sheds, portable garages, or pre-built cabins can be a slightly too heavy for the concrete blocks to hold. The concrete blocks are sturdy and durable and great for backyard use! They are sure to last you a long time and keep your shed level and in tip-top shape.

Gravel pads are another common shed base. They’re easy to install on fairly level terrains. To install them make sure you check with your town to follow setback guidelines and can be easily accessed. After you pick your spot you have to level it out to make sure the base is completely level. Once you finish leveling out the terrain, you can install the gravel to cover the entire leveled area at about 3-4 inches deep. The gravel pads are perfect for wood storage sheds and can be used for both large and small sheds alike. They keep moisture away from the shed by draining it, which prevents rot, warping, and decay from coming upon the wood.

more uncommon, but fantastic shed base is a concrete pad. This shed base is uncommon because it is on the higher end of price and can be tricky to install properly. However, this is the best option if you plan on using the shed as a living space, work space, or something else. This is a great base because it can hold every sized shape and weight of shed and ensure that it is kept level and dry for many, many years.

Wood platform shedbases are also a bit less common like wood platforms. This type of base if perfect on steep terrains, like backyards with a steep hill or on top of a small mountain. They are built on sturdy posts and then the wooden building deck supports the wooden sheds, both large and small in size. These are a great option to keep your shed level but be sure to put primer on it to keep it protected from weather conditions.
All of these are great options and will keep your shed level and protected for many years to come.

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