Benefits Of Ceramic Floors

There are different of ceramic floors as recommended by floor suppliers.

Easy To Clean And Maintain: One of the main advantages of ceramic and porcelain is the ease of cleaning and maintaining the floors and walls as from the first day, saving time and money in the daily cleaning of the house, your office or the store.

Resistant To Moisture: The ceramic production process makes them have low porosity, protecting from moisture.

Anti-Allergenic: Ceramic manufacturing components are entirely natural, and dirt retention is minimal. Avoid dust mites and contamination on walls and floors.

Insulate Noise: Ceramic prevents noises and sounds from penetrating the walls.

Durable And Resistant: Ceramic is able to withstand intense traffic without altering its surface, remaining like the first day, resisting pressure and shocks. It also adapts to the most extreme climates, protecting from heat.

Fire Resistant: Ceramic is a material that does not conduct fire, unlike other materials such as wood, carpets, vinyl, and wallpaper, “it is resistant to the embers of cigarettes and the fire of candles.”

Stain Resistant: Ceramic is a material that repels stains due to its low porosity and hardness.

Variety Of Formats: Ceramic has the ability to adapt to the most complicated spaces due to the variety of existing formats: large, small, rectangular, square, etc.

Do Not Catch Odors: Ceramic is a material that allows the space to always be fresh and does not collect foul odors.

Decorate: The latest ceramic novelties allow interior design projects to be carried out where creativity, simplicity and art are mixed. Ceramic can be used as a decorative element not only in traditional spaces such as the bathroom and kitchen, but it can also be taken to living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms, tables, individual tables, paintings, etc.

Ecological: It protects the environment by maintaining a balance between technology and nature through its production processes, recycling water, eliminating air residues in the atmosphere and reusing materials that help reduce pollution on the planet.

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