Bed Bugs Enjoy Your Hospitality

It may seem that they relish scaring humans out of their wits, but you just happen to be in the same warm comfortable space as them and you provide a tasty blood supply for their nourishment.

Rest assured, bed bug infestations do not carry diseases. Some people may suffer from an allergic reaction to bites, the NHS recommends medical attention in these instances.

Why you?

They don’t mind whether your bed is situated in a private residence or in a sprawling hotel; if you transport them in to an environment, maybe after a holiday or work trip, even a long-haul journey across continents and several time zones, they’ll survive and happily settle in to their new home. Bed bug infestations can flourish in the creases of a mattress, around the bedframe, in power sockets, along skirting boards and in or on adjacent furniture.

Bad housekeeping is generally blamed by novices. Clients suffer from a sense of shame or horror; that’s unnecessary and inaccurate. Cleaning can prevent the need for pest control services, but it is not uncleanliness that invites bed bugs in to an environment.

Used furniture presents a risk so always check it thoroughly or you could soon be searching for pest control near me and falling out of love with the item you’ve acquired.

Clues that you need effective, time efficient pest control services:

  • Bed bugs are brown-red or yellowish oval insects.
  • They are approximately 6mm long.
  • They are nocturnal.
  • Human blood stains are frequently produced when the bed bug bites.
  • Bites cause red inflamed areas which are accompanied by an itch or irritation.
  • Bed bug infestations create a musty smell.
  • White eggs lie in the crevices of mattresses and duvets.
  • Brown dots are often their excretions.
  • Discarded skin may be visible; they secrete old skin as they grow.

Understandably, one of you must go

Seek professional expertise by checking online for “pest control near me” and ascertain which firms are proven, proficient bed bug infestations treatment specialists. A name that should appear if you’re in and around Berkshire is Pest Control Berkshire, based in Newbury.

  • Professional bed bug infestations treatment necessitates the removal of people from the area.
  • Bedding and mattresses must be destroyed; furniture must be relocated prior to the pest control services providers visit.
  • Work is often carried out on a room by room basis, over an average of 2 or 3 visits of approximately 4 hours.

Swift and comprehensive eradication is imperative so why take chances by using inexpensive and less efficient DIY measures? Enjoy peace of mind through licenced treatment specialists that offer guarantees on their work.

Why would specialists operate if over the counter treatments were wholly successful?

Please search for pest control near me and discuss your needs with a qualified, discreet experienced professional.

Confidentiality is guaranteed by Pest Control Berkshire and they offer a 1-hour response time at no premium. Their operatives wear plain uniforms and drive unmarked vehicles.

You don’t need to suffer the presence of bed bugs any longer.

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