Apartment Moving made Simple

Moving into an apartment means downsizing your current lifestyle from the way you are used to living into something much smaller.  How do you get yourself, your family and all your “stuff” downsized into accommodations that are much smaller than what you all are accustomed to?  This article will give you some tips on just how to go about how to downsize your life and ultimately simplify it in the process.

The first thing you must do when starting the downsizing process is to start now!  We accumulate a lot of stuff during our lives, and we really do not need it!  Somehow though, we have convinced ourselves that we do.  There is no time like the present to start getting rid of those things you can live without, but have held onto for a very long time—even if all you get rid of is an old pair of shoes, it is a start and the more you get rid of the easier it becomes.

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While you are packing your things to move into the smaller apartment, you are bound to realize you have too much stuff to fit; therefore, you will need to sell your give away a lot of that extra stuff to simplify your life, you will soon learn that less is more.  Also, you can earn some extra cash by selling your stuff—as someone very wise once said, “one man’s trash is another’s treasure”—so have a yard sale, put stuff on Offer Up or Let It Go, and just watch as stuff disappears and the cash comes rolling in!!

Once you have made the choice to move and you have downsized all your stuff, there are a few tips you will need to know about preparing for the actually move to the smaller locale.

The main objective when moving is to keep it as organized as you possibly can.  Making arrangements to move into a new home is not something that can or should be done in one short weekend.  There are a lot of things that need to be done to ensure the move goes smoothly and the transition into the new home is an easy one.  You should start packing the stuff you plan to bring with you while you are going through and getting rid of your unnecessary stuff mentioned above.  Be certain that boxes have labels of what the contents are and what room each boxes belong in.  This will make it so much easier once you get to your new place and you start unpacking.

One more very important thing to do—forward your mail to the new address and transfer your utilities to the new address.  Nothing worse than moving to a new place and the lights and gas have not been transferred because during all the excitement of packing and moving, no one remembered to transfer the utilities.

Another thing to do, if you have children that are school aged, you will need to transfer them to the school district for the new address; as well, explain to your children that they can still keep in contact with their friends from the old neighbourhood via mail, responsible social media contact and the telephone.  If they want to schedule time together with their friends from the old neighbourhood, that can also be arranged as well; remember, this move can be very traumatic emotionally to a child who is unfamiliar with or doesn’t deal well with change.

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