A 101 Guide on Types of Fireplaces and Stoves

Are you planning to install a fireplace in your home? It is important to know fireplaces come in various types, materials and sizes. They also come in various styles for both outdoor and indoor varieties as well as removable and portable options.

Popular Types of Fireplaces

Wall mounted: These are the most common types in most homes. They are built into the wall of a strategic room such as living or family rooms. They are connected to a chimney, which safely channels smoke up and out of the house. These kinds of fireplaces are usually built with mantel or left bare for the home owner to customize with their own mantel choice. However, there are various variations that you may come across. For example, it is common when the fireplace is built on a wall dividing two rooms to be customized with glass to enable residents of both rooms enjoy the flames. Built in fireplaces usually burn gas or real wood but newer versions may now use gel fuel or entirely electric. You can find great value wall mounted fires online, often with next day delivery – so do a search!

Free Standing: These types of fireplaces are built to offer warmth and the visual appeal of built in fireplaces but without much alteration or construction to your home required. These types are highly flexible and can be entirely freestanding or attached to the ceiling depending on the material being burned. Freestanding fireplaces that burn gas and wood should have a vent pipe attached to the ceiling to act as the chimney. You should note that fumes and smoke from wood are dangerous and thus, should not be left unvented. However, other models that burn gel fuel appears like large cabinets with firebox located in the middle. The flexibility allows them to be used throughout home and the smaller versions being used as decorative accessories.

Portable fireplaces: These are smaller versions of freestanding models. They are great choices for homes built without fireplaces or for people interested in adding a fireplace without making construction adjustments. They usually use gel and they are mostly used for decorative purposes. These types are good options for renters and homeowners with low budgets.

Materials used in Fireplaces

Wood: This is the traditional fireplace material. Most homeowners still prefer wood because of its smell, sound and appearance.

Gas: Gas fireplaces are either vented or vent free. Vented types require a chimney to remove fumes while vent free types do not require a chimney. Vent free usually operates in higher temperatures to get rid of toxic fumes and thus, should be handled with care. If you shop online you will find a range of cheap gas stoves for sale.

Gel: Gel fuel is a newer alternative to wood and gas. It comes in light to carry and easy to store cans.

Electric: Electric fireplaces do not produce actual flame but produce warmth by heating coils.

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