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Patio Doors

For most homeowners, a patio door is among the most used doors in their entire home. That is true especially during the summer period when enjoying your free time outside on the decking or patio. However, you might find yourself annoyingly closing and opening your doors to get a fresh drink or snacks.

There are various types of patio doors that can fit in to your unique needs. No matter what the shape and size of your living room or kitchen is, it can look beautiful if you consider different types of doors.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors consist of two or more panels which can be made from screens or glass. One of the two panels is immobile, while the other closes and opens by sliding on rollers or tracks. Since sliding patio doors usually open by sliding into your wall, they do not get in your way. This door offers a less obstructed view of your outdoors which allow more light to filter in.

Sliding patio doors also provide more space, and they are easy to maintain. If your rooms are large, you will need more door panels, which will increase the cost but be better suited. The patio door style remains the most popular, and they slide one behind the other which means they do not need more space compared to traditional swing and slide doors. They come in various materials and glass options including UPVC and wood. It is easy to choose and purchase a patio door that will suit your needs.

Swinging Patio Doors

This type of patio doors operates on hinges. You can find them in two different types. Regular or normal swinging patio doors which consist of two or more panels that are supported on cantered hinges allowing them to swing open in the outward direction of each side. Most French Swing patio doors feature two panels that include hinges on the far right and left sides.

Your door panels usually meet at the centre when shut, which means that all doors can open at the same time, providing a wide entry. This door helps to save on energy bills since they have tighter seals that are energy efficient. You can find aluminium patio doors that look great in more contemporary homes, as well as the traditional ones.

Single Patio Doors

Single patio door designs are suitable for front doors and elongated or small narrow rooms to a garden, home offices, and balcony apartments. They are available in various design options, and they are affordable. You can get them in different styles and materials such as wood, fibreglass, aluminium and UPVC. In the market, you will find them in triple or double-glazed single patio doors. However, their opening is relatively small when compared to other door styles, which can affect the ease of furniture movement in and out of your house.

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