10 Great Ideas For Creating A Outdoor Hangout At Your Home

It’s officially spring, even though some of us are still getting snow. With spring and summer we all love getting outdoors and having outdoor parties or just relaxing with the family. Having said all that, here are a few ideas for you to create or fix up your outdoor living space/patio.

1. An Outdoor Living Room

Think of your patio or backyard as more than just a place for the kids to play or grass to mow. You can add some modern outdoor furniture and rugs to create a small living room outside. Use tables and a fire pit to accent the area. Candles, sting lighting and solar lighting works great. Also consider putting a TV out there to complete your comfy area.

2. Summer Garden Parties

Once you have your outdoor living space in order, plan a casual garden party. Depending on the type of fire pit you have, you can grill or roast weiners for a meal. You can hang some festive lights, get a long type table for the food, including a tablecloth for a pulled together look.

3. Patio Fire Pits

We mentioned this before and as you may know, fire pits have bevome the rage for outdoor living. Every patio area needs one. These can keep you warm on cooler evenings as well as creating a great ambiance to your outdoor area. Remember too, many fire pits come with their own cooking grate in order to grill. Gas or wood, your choice. There are so many different styles and sizes of fire pits to choose from, including DIY kits. Browse www.thefirepitstore.com for a great, cool collection!

4. Poolside Patio

How many times have you been on vacation and just lounged by the pool? With a pool at your home, you can have the same relaxing experience. There is no limit to the options you can have in pulling your pool and patio together. Put some plants around the area. Potted plants and a decorative flower bed can add to the look. A nice grill and prep area close by a umbrella table creates a perfect kitchen by the pool.

5. Cold Weather Days & Your Patio

We often associate patios with warm weather, but with fire pits and patio heaters you and the family can enjoy your outdoor living area just the same. Bring some thick blankets to lay on the furniture for people to use. You will find the fire pit and the patio heaters do an excellent job of providing warmth.

6. Patio Privacy

Consider some privacy fencing or you can hang curtains to provide some privacy if that is your wish. Tall plants, real or artificial trees can help as well.

7. Affordable Spruce Ups

If your furniture and patio area is looking worn, you can inexpensively renew it to make it pop. Repaint any chairs or tables. Clean the patio stone well and use decorative outdoor rugs to hide/cover any cracks or stains.Looking at a thrift store can be an affordable experience. You can often find decorative throw pillows, rugs, fabric and outdoor decor to use at a very cheap price. Consider yard sales and estate sales too! Make a small garden of flower bed on one side of the patio.

8. Lighting Again!

Consider some urban type lighting. I especially love the Edison hanging lights. You will be surprised at the difference nice lighting can make.

9. Porch/Patio Pergolas

Pergolas are another nice addition to your porch or patio. They can help create shade. You can hang plants and curtains from the pergola for a cottage type look. Climbing vines and flowers are a great option as well.

10. Wood Pallets

How many times have you seen wood pallets outside a business or store just to be discarded? Get your hands on some of these pallets and you can create a lounge area with just the pallets, some seating cushions and pillows! A fence for privacy can also be made entirely of these pallets. Nail two or three together, side by side with seating cusions for the “couch” and use more pallets for the centerpiece table! Remember, you can paint or decorate these to your liking.

So get on board and see this site now to have your outdoor living area ready to enjoy soon!

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